Melanin Monarchs® was birthed to empower melanin Kings and Queens around the world . We, at Melanin Monarchs® are committed to turn pain to purpose. We strive to motivate people of color in every walk of life. We want to set a foundation that solidifies melanin beauty and redefines fashion standards.

The Melanin Monarchs® Clothing Line will strive to represent the culture properly. Our featured line represents several African countries such as Ghana, Egypt, Nigeria, Morocco and Ethiopia. Our brand will also provide items from America, Jamaica and Great Britain.

Melanin Monarchs® comprehends the desire to have phenomenal hair and beautiful skin. We strive to fulfill our client's goals, enhance glamour and excel in our client's expectations.

Melanin Monarchs® Hair Care Line Our hair care line is formulated with all-natural, USDA organics, plant-derived and organic ingredients from the continents of Africa and Asia. Our hair care products are free of parabens, artificial fragrance, petroleum, dyes & sulfates (except Heavenly Heir), polyethylene glycols (PEGs) and mineral oils. All products are vegan-friendly. Beard Care is available.

Melanin Monarchs® Skin Care Line

The Melanin Monarchs® Skin Care Line is vegan-friendly. We provide organically formulated products to enhance and heal your skin. All body butters, soaps, oil cleansers, masks and scrubs are naturally formulated with USDA organic ingredients.

Our Mission

Melanin Monarchs® is committed in instilling self-assurance, guiding the youth of tomorrow, positivity and passion in various ways. From our beauty products to our apparel to our motivational books, we are striving for excellence now and in the future. Melanin Monarchs® is a 100% Black Owned Business. However, Melanin Monarchs® provides skin care, hair care and apparel for everyone. You are regal. We expect you to look royal and BE ROYAL!

With Love,

Merranda Hanks, M.S.

CEO of Melanin Monarchs®